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The History of  Madrone Vineyard Management

Clarence Jenkins Sr.
    Clarence Jenkins Sr.

Jenkins Family 2007
    Jenkins & Metzger Family 2011


Our History

In 1987 Clarence and Becky Jenkins started Madrone Vineyard Management. Clarence Jenkins a 3rd generation grape grower, has worked the vineyards since he was 12 years old. He learned the love of grape growing from his father, Clarence Jenkins Sr. and Grandfathers; Henry Jenkins and Charles Joseph Henry Rust. All of which had farmed various arrangements of crops in Napa Valley, California. Becky Jenkins a retired RN, manages the budgeting, licenses, and permit, in a constant effort to keep up and be informed on all the changing laws and regulations.

As Madrone Vineyard Management began to grow in 2011 Clarence and Becky Jenkins realized they needed more dynamic people to help oversee the daily operations, and so Sara Metzger and Isaac Jenkins joined the family business.

Sara Metzger, Becky and Clarence’s Daughter, has helped her mother in the office throughout the years and is now using her Visual Communications Degree to assist in the marketing and business development of the company and launching the Jenkins’ first vintage.

Since Isaac’s arrival he has brought a unique, informed perspective gained from attending Fresno State's Wine Making and Viticulture Program, to the team. Isaac Jenkins has worked along side his father almost all of his life and couldn't be happier doing what he loves.

Mission Statement

At Madrone Vineyard Management we are dedicated to sustainable agriculture, the care and maintenance of old vines and new vineyards, and accept fully our responsibility to be caretakers of the land, the crops and the growers who have entrusted in us the management of their vineyards.

To farm responsibly, respectfully and sustainably.
To practice the most environmentally responsible methods of farming and land management.
To recognize each vineyard as a unique entity and care for the specific needs of that vineyard, the    land it grows on and the people who own it.
To faithfully monitor vine health and provide continual maintenance to ensure premium quality fruit.
To use water and all natural resources to the best advantage of the crop, the land, and the    environment.
To use cover crops and composting to effectively stabilize and sustain the soil so that each field is    left in optimum condition.
To faithfully and passionately embrace the responsibility entrusted to us as land stewards.

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